Can Smoke From A Fire Damage Electronics?

Jul 27, 2023 | 0 comments

A fire’s unexpected and destructive force can be devastating, leaving individuals feeling helpless in its wake. Not only are important documents, photos, and memories potentially lost forever, but the electronics we rely on may also suffer significant damage. As if a fire wasn’t already stressful enough, you may now find yourself wondering – how did it happen? How can I prevent it in the future?

You probably didn’t think about the potential damage to your electronics from smoke and soot, as you may have only been focused on the flames. But smoke and soot can travel quickly throughout a home, leaving behind a residue that can be hazardous to electrical components. Smoke and soot can act as an insulator, coating wires in a layer of highly conductive carbon particles that retain heat and can cause shorts and other electrical malfunctions.

What Issues Can Smoke Infiltration Cause?

It’s important to note that smoke damage can occur even if the fire doesn’t reach your electronics. The smoke alone is enough to corrode sensitive circuitry over time, resulting in permanent internal damage that may not be immediately visible or even detected until the device no longer functions as expected. Specifically, smoke particles can cause corrosion, short circuits, and component failure in any electronic device.

What Should I Do If My Electronics Have Been Exposed To Smoke?

If you are dealing with a fire-damaged electronic device, a few important steps should be taken before moving forward. First and foremost, never turn on or plug in an electronic device exposed to fire until a professional thoroughly inspects it.

The next step is to clean any exposed surfaces as quickly and carefully as possible with cotton swabs or cloths and rubbing alcohol. That can help remove any smoke residue from the device’s exterior. However, interior parts may require additional cleaning with specialized tools. It’s also important to remember not to attempt any repairs on your own, as this could jeopardize the entire device.

Hire Fire Damage Experts In Case You Ever Need Fire Restoration Services

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