How To Clean Up After A House Fire

Mar 1, 2022 | 0 comments

How To Clean Up After A House Fire

When your house has been on fire, it’s important to be prepared for the next steps, particularly if you’re looking at long-term home restoration. The last thing you want is to have the property re-contaminated by debris or residue that spreads throughout the interior of your home. This can affect your health and lead to further damage as the contaminants dry and decompose. 

The first approach to fire restoration at your property is immediate cleanup. This page will go over the steps you should take after a house fire for effective, lasting cleanup.

How To Clean Up After A House Fire | RESTORx Of Washington

Prevent Contamination When Cleaning Up After A House Fire

After a fire rages through a home, the first step to a successful disaster restoration is preventing the spread of lingering contaminants. The main culprits for long-term contamination are smoke, soot, and ash. Since these contaminants cling to surfaces and fabrics that your family touches daily, it’s important to avoid spreading them into different areas of your home as much as possible. 

When you’re cleaning up after a house fire, the best approach is to clean both surfaces and fabrics with a bleach-based solution.

General Tips For Fire Cleaning

This is because the materials that contact your skin and hair daily can be contaminated by smoke, ash, or dust. When it comes time for restoration after a house fire, this includes washing clothes, changing bedding, and even shampooing/conditioning hair to remove any contaminants that remain after the fire. 

When it comes time to clean, you will start by removing as much of the surface and dust as possible before applying a bleach solution. One key thing to remember is that cleaning and restoration should be handled swiftly after a house fire has occurred. This includes:

  • Removing as much of the surface and ash as possible before restoration.
  • Cleaning fabrics by washing them with a bleach solution either by hand or in a machine set on high heat.
  • Replacing anything that touches your skin daily, including clothing, bedding, and even shampoo/conditioner for hair.

After taking all of the necessary steps to clean and restore your home, you will need to work with a restoration team to help manage fire damage. Fire restoration involves:

  • Removing the remaining ash and dust.
  • Cover surfaces that were burned or need special protection from smoke damage.
  • Deodorize all of the affected areas of your home, including open and closed spaces.
  • Using ozone and advanced air filtration systems to remove additional contaminants from the air.
  • Replacing or restoring all surfaces that were burned, such as walls and furniture.

Taking Action Fast Is The Most Important Tip

After a house fire, feelings can be very difficult to overcome, but it’s important that you act fast in order to make disaster restoration efforts the most effective they can be. 

The fastest way to find help to control the damage the house fire did on your property and make sure any structure repair can be done on time to save the property is by contacting RESOTRx of Washington. We offer 24/7 emergency services and will be there in a moment to make sure you don’t suffer any more losses. 

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