Mold Remediation Solutions for Pierce, WA Residents

Did you recently notice a musty smell or decoloration on your walls? These are warning signs of mold. If you have recently discovered or suspect mold presence at home, mold mitigation specialists can assess and solve the problem effectively.


At RESTORx of Washington, we understand the threat mold poses to your family and home. Our mold mitigation specialist can quickly and effectively locate the mold and contain it. Get in touch with us to get rid of your home’s mold. We’re available 24/7 to help you!




Mold Mitigation Services

Consulting Services

RESTORx team will thoroughly examine your property for visible signs of mold. We use moisture detection equipment to locate the mold and find any hidden water source feeding it.

Mold Mitigation and Abatement Services

The mold mitigation and abatement services guarantee to contain, remediate and clean the mold in your property. RESTORx uses antifungal and antimicrobial to get rid of mold colonies and prevent them from spreading.

Mold Restoration Services

It would be best to remove drywall, subflooring, and other building materials depending on mold damage. Restoration may include minor repairs such as replacing drywall, painting or installing new carpeting—significant repairs such as the whole or partial rebuilding of a property.

Moisture Testing and Documentation

We use appropriate monitoring and detection equipment to assess and record the degree of harm (i.g. Water or mold)to your property’s structure, systems, and contents. RESTORx records and documents all activities and services performed in response to the problem.

Drying Services

The RESTORx Drying services guarantee effective mold removal and space rehabilitation. Our dehumidifiers will clear the moisture from the air, inhibiting mold growth and getting rid of any lingering smell.

Why Choosing RESTORx Mold Remediation?

  • Fast Response Times. Our 24/7 emergency services guarantee that you receive mold removal and restoration services when you need them most. 
  • Experienced Team of Experts. Our team is trained and experienced in dealing with mold infestations in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Friendly Customer Support. Have questions? Our helpful customer care representatives are always ready to assist you. 

The Most Reliable Mold Remediation Services In Pierce, WA

We understand the severity of the situation and will work quickly to resolve it. Our mold mitigation specialist will locate the source of the problem and develop a plan to contain and remediate it. You can count on RESTORx to get rid of your mold problems.


At RESTORx of Washington, we offer comprehensive services for mold remediation available 24/7. If you have noticed or suspect a mold colony might be growing on your property, don’t hesitate to contact us to solve it.