Tornado Trauma: Restoring Life After the Twister Strikes

Jul 8, 2024 | 0 comments

Mobile home destroyed by hurricane

When a tornado strikes, chaos, and emotional turmoil follow. The immediate concerns are clear: Is everyone safe? How bad is the tornado damage? Safety becomes the top priority, but soon, thoughts turn to the destruction left behind.

Your home may be unrecognizable, with debris scattered and walls broken down, overwhelming you. This blog will guide you through the steps you need to take right after the storm, how to assess the extent of the damage, and what you can expect from professional restoration. Stay with us to find out more.

Safety First: Immediate Aftermath Response

When a tornado hits, the first step is to ensure everyone’s safety and contact emergency services if needed. Once all your loved ones are safe, it’s time to secure your property to prevent further damage. Here’s a quick list of things you must check:

  • Check for gas leaks
  • Turn off utilities if safe
  • Board up broken windows
  • Cover roof holes with tarps
  • Move valuables to a secure place
  • Document damage with photos

Assessing Damage & Health Risks

Tornadoes can cause extensive damage, from structural issues to water intrusion. You may encounter cracked walls, torn-off roofs, and shattered windows. Water from rain or broken pipes can seep into your home, leading to further complications.

You may also consider hidden health risks after tornado destruction, such as mold that can grow quickly in damp areas. The high winds may also have uncovered asbestos and contaminated debris, posing severe dangers. It’s best to have professionals conduct thorough inspections and assessments to ensure your home is safe for living.

Professional Restoration Process

Getting professional damage restoration services ensures your home is restored safely and efficiently after tornado destruction. Here’s what you can expect from them:

1) Debris Removal & Safe Disposal

Professionals start by clearing away debris, including everything from broken glass to large structural components. They use heavy-duty equipment like industrial loaders and dumpsters to handle the debris efficiently.

2) Structural Repairs & Securing the Property

Next, experts repair structural damage, such as reinforcing weakened walls, repairing the roof, and fixing foundation issues. They use specialized tools like hydraulic jacks and steel braces to ensure your home is stable and secure against future weather events.

3) Water Extraction & Drying

Water extraction and drying are essential to prevent mold growth. Professionals use powerful pumps and vacuum systems to remove standing water quickly. They also deploy high-capacity dehumidifiers and air movers to dry your space thoroughly.

4) Mold Remediation & Prevention

If mold has started to grow, specialists use HEPA filters and antimicrobial treatments to eliminate it. They also seal off affected areas to prevent spores from spreading during the cleanup.

5) Sanitization & Deodorization

Finally, the restoration team sanitizes and deodorizes your home. They use hospital-grade disinfectants and advanced fogging equipment to reach every corner, ensuring a healthy living environment.

Recover Safely with RESTORx of Washington

The aftermath of tornado damage brings many challenges and emotions. At RESTORx of Washington, we understand your pain and are here to lend you a hand.

Avoid letting hidden dangers compromise your property and your family’s safety. With over 40 years of experience in disaster cleanup, we provide professional damage restoration services to make your home safe and healthy again. Contact us today for expert help.