Water Mitigation Service in Washington

If you were googling “Water Damage Restoration Near Me”, you’ve come the right place.

Getting in touch with our water mitigation specialists at RESTORx is an excellent first step toward addressing a water damage situation. We know how stressful it can be, and we’ll work hard to ease your mind. When it comes to deciding what to do about water damage in your home or business, you need to act fast.

Dealing with water damage is time-sensitive. The longer your building is exposed to moisture, the more likely the damage will get worse. Mold will begin to grow, and the moisture will destroy materials that could have been saved.

If your home or business is dealing with mold damage due to a flooded basement, a broken water main, burst pipes, toilet overflows, heavy rain or some other type of water disaster, RESTORx has the experience and resources needed to complete full-scale water mitigation.

We’ll stop the source of the problem and remove all contaminated materials from your building. We can also ensure that any further damage is eradicated before it becomes a major issue.

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A Variety Of Things Can Cause Water Damage

Unwanted water can come from an internal problem, such as a burst pipe or an overflowing sink or toilet, or it can come from an external source. Here in western Washington, our signature mountains and rivers have the potential to cause damage to our structures. Melting snow and rising water threatens to flood our homes and businesses, and Washington’s plentiful rainwater can sneak under doors, in through roofs, or saturate the soil and drain into basements.

At RESTORx, we have the tools and equipment, the training, and the experience to deal with water damage caused by all types of internal and external events. We work to repair the damage and to leave you confident that your home or business is secure.

What Can Happen If Water Mitigation Is Not Properly Done?

Within a few hours of a water disaster, the walls and floors that have been affected by water will start to grow mold. As time passes, the damage can become more pervasive. When it comes to dealing with water-related losses, every minute matters. The faster you get in touch with our experts at RESTORx, the better your chances of protecting your property.

We use high-tech sensors and moisture meters to find the source of the problem and we perform water mitigation in a way that prevents any further damage from occurring. We also get rid of any mold that may have grown, and we replace destroyed materials with new ones that will resist future damage.

Neglecting to take action when you have water damage can lead to costly structural repairs later on. In some cases, it can even invalidate your insurance policy. Allowing mold to grow unchecked can have a detrimental effect on the health of you and your family members, so it is important to avoid exposure as much as possible.

Let RESTORx Of Washington Do Their Water Mitigation Before It’s Too Late

Getting in touch with our water mitigation specialists at RESTORx is an excellent first step toward addressing a water damage situation. We know how stressful it can be, and we’ll work hard to ease your mind.

 Contact us today to get a free estimate on our water mitigation services and start protecting your property even before a water disaster happens.

Allison Baker
Allison Baker
September 22, 2022
Had some minor water damage. These folks arrived the next morning and did demo of 2 floors quickly. Thank you Ryan S, Oscar, and Heidi.
Dylan Knutson
Dylan Knutson
August 8, 2022
I contracted Restorx for extensive water damage in my home that involved flood-cutting half of the first floor and removing about a third of the flooring on the floor. They were a great company to work with, and supervisor Alex was prompt at answering all my questions and doing an incredibly thorough job during the initial inspection and quote. The move-out of the affected areas went quickly, and they took great care to label all the storage boxes and didn't break a single thing. Within a day of the go-ahead they were able to start the demolition. Aaron and Travis did the demolition and haul-away work. They were prompt and friendly, and were quick to get clarification for where things should be moved, where barriers should be put up, and handled locking up the house when they were done each day. They went above and beyond with the haul-away, and had an enthusiasm for doing quality work that made itself apparent in the final demo. Cuts were clean and straight, tile that wasn't supposed to be demolished was left perfect. Areas to be replaced by future contractors was clearly marked. Areas with mold and water damage were thoroughly scrubbed and dried. I'd highly recommend Restorx for anyone experiencing a water/mold problem that needs to be taken care of the right way.
Jeffrey Jacobsen
Jeffrey Jacobsen
June 20, 2022
Barb and her team crushed it! Very clean and professional and got the job done in a timely manner! Would recommend them to anyone with any restoration needs.
Albert Bishop
Albert Bishop
April 11, 2022
Barb Allen, arrived at our home after a truck had driven thru it. She did a very professional job left no mess behind. Made our home secure until contractor can come. We were totally happy with her work. If this or anything like this was to happen again I would ask for only her.
Josh Christiansen
Josh Christiansen
February 24, 2022
My claim and remodel ended up turning out great. Want to shout out my main builders for RestoreX, Cliff, Jesse and Chuck. Great personable, talented professionals that got my place looking immaculate. Would recommend 🏚🔨🪚🏰👍
levita bradley
levita bradley
February 19, 2022
They were on time, professional, respectful, I would definitely recommend them.
David Wright
David Wright
December 22, 2021
Cliff was very responsive and informative. He was always available for questions. RJ was also very responsive if, they were not able to make it out they tried to let us know