Keeping Your Basement Dry: How to Tackle Water Damage

Basement water damage is a common problem. Did you know that 98% of basements in the United States will experience some form of water damage? This can lead to costly repairs and health issues due to mold. 

If you live in a flood-prone area, addressing this issue before it worsens is crucial. In this blog, you’ll learn about common basement water damage and how to tackle it, along with long-term solutions to keep your basement dry. Keep reading to protect your home and health!

Damage to a concrete column by basement water

Common Basement Water Damage & How to Fix It

Let’s explore how to handle some common types of basement water damage effectively:

Mold Growth

Mold grows in damp and dark areas. Look for black or green patches on walls, a musty smell, and increased allergy symptoms. To tackle mold, clean the affected areas with water and detergent. For extensive mold, hire professionals for thorough water damage restoration.

Structural Damage

Long-term water exposure weakens your home’s structure. Signs include cracks in walls or floors and sagging ceilings. You can fix small cracks with epoxy or hydraulic cement. For significant structural damage, we recommend seeking professional water damage repairs to ensure your home’s safety.

Electrical Issues

Water can damage electrical systems, causing shorts and fire hazards. Look for flickering lights, buzzing outlets, or tripped breakers. Remember to disconnect power before addressing water issues and contact an electrician to inspect and repair any damaged wiring.

Flooring Damage

Water can warp wood floors, loosen tiles, and create damp carpets. You might notice it because of buckling or discoloration. Remove soaked carpets and dry the area quickly. Replace damaged flooring materials and install waterproof barriers to prevent future issues. For severe cases, consult experts in water damage restoration.

Long-Term Solutions to Prevent Water Damage

Here are some effective long-term solutions you can implement to prevent future basement water damage:

  • Apply waterproof paint or membranes on walls and floors to keep moisture out.
  • Install drainage systems like French drains and sump pumps to direct water away from the foundation.
  • Use dehumidifiers to prevent mold growth.
  • Schedule regular home inspections and maintenance checks to spot potential problems early.

Stay Dry with RESTORx of Washington

Dealing with basement water damage can be frustrating. It affects your home’s structure and air quality. RESTORx of Washington understands these challenges and offers expert water damage repair services.

Avoid letting water damage disrupt your life. With over four decades of experience, we’re your trusted partner to protect your home and enjoy peace of mind. Contact us today to reclaim your dry, safe basement.

RESTORx of Washington specializes in professional property and content damage restoration with highly trained staff, top-of-the-line equipment, and over 40 years in business, RESTORx gets the job done quickly to your satisfaction.

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Success Stories

Pablo, Josh, and Bruce did mitigation work on our house after our washing machine broke and got water everywhere. They were incredibly helpful during the process, answered all our questions, and always kept us informed about what they were doing and what would happen next. Most importantly, they did an incredible job getting everything dried out and ready for the next phase. They were awesome and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again!

-Michael H.

The RestoreX pack-out crew who moved my family from our house that had sewage damage to a rental were professional and caring. The crew was fantastic, especially Dory, Jerica and Nadya. They packed up our things with care. Nothing was broken or scratched it was a HUGE job and they took care of it all. The guys who helped (Easton and Max) were amazing too. They never complained about carrying all of our heavy furniture and boxes up the 2 flights of stairs. Such hard workers! Well done! They're the best!

-Corrie R.

USAA sent them to us for water damage due to the storm. The guys came in did their job and got us up and running in no time! It was late when they got to us. I know they were tired. It didn't matter they had the best aditude and even joked with us! Highly recommend them! Thomas, Oscar, and Gail deserve a pat on the back!

-Uncle B.