Water Mitigation & Water Restoration: The Difference And How They Add Up

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Water Mitigation & Water Restoration: The Difference And How They Add Up

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Water Mitigation & Water Restoration: The Difference And How They Add Up

Water damage can often happen without you even noticing it, and it can come from an internal or external source. You can have unwanted water problems from a burst pipe, an overflowing sink, from a significant river that has the potential to cause damage to your structures, or even from melting snow. 

There are many situations where you will need water restoration and water mitigation services. Still, you need to know first what they are, how they differ from each other.

What’s Water Mitigation?

Water mitigation is a process that involves the use of specialized equipment and techniques to properly clean, sanitize, dry, and remove the property and belongings that were damaged by water. In other words, it’s a process that minimizes the amount of loss. It ensures the disaster doesn’t create or lead to further consequences.

What’s Water Damage Restoration?

Water restoration focuses on repairing and restoring your property when you experience damage caused by water. Water restoration potentially helps you to recondition your property the way it was before the water mess.

How Do Both Differ and Which One Should You Start With?

Water mitigation always has to be performed first. It’s essential to start with a water mitigation service because its purpose is to solve your water problem for the very source and prevent your property from further damage. With water mitigation, you can get your property and belongings to a safe place. On the other hand, water restoration will help you repair your property’s existing damage because of the unwanted water. Even if you can get water mitigation and water restoration services separately, it’s better to rely on both services to restore your property to its original condition after water damage.

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