What To Do If Your House Catches Fire

March 10, 2022

What To Do If Your House Catches Fire

Being inside a fire is a difficult situation that can leave trauma to those who experience the event. Getting outside the fire tends to be difficult, but it’s critical to do it to save your life. This blog will show you what to do if your house catches fire and how to handle the cleaning, structure repair & restoration in the aftermath.


Steps To Follow If You Are Facing A Fire

Use A Fire Extinguisher To Put Out The Flames.

If you act quickly, you may be able to control a fire if it has just started—for example, picture a fire was caused by a pan that caught fire on the stove. Grab your fire extinguisher and remember to PASS:

  • Pull the pin.
  • Aim at the base of the flames.
  • Squeeze the extinguisher handle.
  • Sweep from side to side until the fire is out.

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Get Everyone Out of The Fire

If a fire breaks out in your home, the first thing you should do is get everyone out. Fire produces smoke and potentially harmful gasses that can make you feel dizzy or lose consciousness if breathed in, both of which might cause difficulties while attempting to escape a burning building.

Crawl to the nearest exit and breathe profoundly fresh air. Staying low to the ground will aid in your protection against smoke and toxic gasses by minimizing your exposure to them.

Someone must be carried out if they are not crawling on their own. Before departing, double-check that everyone is accounted for. Once everyone has been relocated, close the doors behind you to assist in containing the flames.


Move To Safety

Once you’ve gotten outside, get away from the fire as quickly as possible. The roof or walls may catch fire and collapse around the perimeter. So, you must run down the street or across the road where you are safe.


Call For Professional Help

Once you’ve gotten out of the fire, call 911. If you don’t have a phone, go to a neighbor’s house and ask for one. Tell the operator there has been a fire at your home, then stay on the line to see if they need anything.


Contact Restorx For Fire Cleaning & Restoration Services

If your house catches fire, you need to take immediate action to control the blaze and protect yourself and your family. Once the fire is under control, call Restorx for professional fire restoration service we will help you go through the insurance claim process. 

We can help you rebuild your home and get your life back on track after the structure repair process. Contact us today for a free consultation on any disaster restoration need.


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